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Hello, my name is Felipe Pichardo. A graduate student at the City College of New York. I am majoring in  American History.

My reason for designing this particular web page is to inform my fellow college students about past struggles that have taken place before our arrival at The City University of New York. In particular, the early 1960's when the Civil Rights Movement was in stride.

Shepard Hall

What's New?

A History of the City University of New York Student Movement 1969-99

When did the actual history of CUNY students start? At what point should this "supposedly concise" history begin? Every profession has its unique hazards. For students of history, it is the urge to trace the struggle of the 1969 take-over of the City University of New York (CUNY), and its relationships to the student of color as far back as possible. As historians, we are trained to see that every event or trend must have come from something which in turn must have been caused by something else. But by the late 60's, students of color decide to take fate and their education, and put it all on the line for a better future for those who were to come behind them. These students were extraordinarily special individuals. They were beyond their time!



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